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ONE STEP CLOSER - From Me To You 12"

ONE STEP CLOSER - From Me To You 12"

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Debut 12"EP from Wilkes-Barre's own ONE STEP CLOSER. Stream / Download the song "THE REACH" on the BBB Bandcamp now! 


Test Press (out of 15)
1st Press Blue (out of 200)
1st Press Black (out of 295)
2nd Press Clear with blue/purple splatter (out of 150)
2nd Press Clear Purple (out of 350)
3rd Press Orange Inside Clear (OSC European Tour Exclusive) (out of 100)
3rd Press Olive Green / Orange Swirl (BBB Exclusive) (out of 100)
3rd Press Clear Tan (out of 300)
4th Press Bone / Clear Green / Pink Tri-Stripe (out of 300)
4th Press Coke Bottle Clear (out of 700)
5th Press Neon Violet inside Ultra Clear w/Blue Jay Splatter (out of 250) *BBB Exclusive*
5th Press Canary Yellow (out of 250) *Revelation Exclusive*
5th Press White w/Neon Violet & Blue Jay Twister (out of 294) *BBB #2*
5th Press Blue / Pink A Side B Side w/Neon Violet Splatter (out of 250) *Evil Greed Exclusive*
5th Press Blue Jay / White / Neon Violet 3 Color.A Side B Side (out of 412) *General*
5th Press White / Blue Jay Butterfly w/Neon Violet Splatter (out of 500) *Band Exclusive*
5th Press Cloudy Purple (out of 500) *Run For Cover Records Exclusive*


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