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No Pressure - self titled CD / LP

No Pressure - self titled CD / LP

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Debut LP from NO PRESSURE is available now! Stream the album in full everywhere. 


1. Lock It Up
2. Too Far
3. Hand In Hand
4. Both Sides
5. One Way Trip
6. Same Thing
7. Big Man
8. Sour
9. Stuck Here
10. Save Your Spot


Test Press (out of 17) 

1st Press Black 180Gram (out of 200) *BBB Bandcamp Exclusive* 

1st Press Neon Pink inside Ultra Clear w/Neon Orange & Neon Green Splatter (out of 200) *BBB Exclusive 1*

1st Press Ultra Clear / Neon Violet pinwheel with Neon Green & Neon Orange Splatter (out of 300) *BBB Exclusive 2* 

1st Press Neon Green / Highlighter Yellow Spinner w/Neon Green Splatter (out of 500)

1st Press Ultra Clear w/Neon Violet, Neon Orange, Neon Green Splatter (out of 200) *Brooklyn Vegan Exclusive* 

1st Press Neon Orange / Solid Red A Side B Side w/Neon Violet Splatter (out of 500) *No Pressure Exclusive*

1st Press Canary Yellow (out of 300) *Revelation Record Exclusive* 

1st Press Ultra Clear (out of 300) *Disorder Atlanta Exclusive*

1st Press Clear Orange w/Red Splatter (out of 500) 

2nd Press Neon Violet inside Coke Bottle Clear w/Neon Orange Splatter (out of 317) 

2nd Press Clear Orange inside Clear w/Neon Orange & Neon  Green Splatter (out of 500) 

2nd Press Electric Blue w/Neon Yellow Splatter (out of 700)

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