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Triple B Records

DEAD HEAT - Endless Torment 12"EP

DEAD HEAT - Endless Torment 12"EP

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5 track EP of vicious crossover from Oxnard's Dead Heat. Combining ruthless Thrash Metal and pit inducing Hardcore Punk. One sided 12” w/ screen printed b-side.

Split release between Tankcrimes and Triple B Records.

1. Endless Torment
2. Smite Thee
3. Eyes of the Real
4. Tears of the Wolf
5. Hard Reset

Pressing Info:
• Test Press (out of 20)
• Red inside Ultra Clear w/ Blue & Olive splatter (out of 250) *BBB Exclusive*
• Bone / Olive Green A side B side w/ Red & Blue splatter *TC* (out of 250) *TC Exclusive*
• Clear Green inside Ultra Clear w/Clear Green & Solid Red Splatter (out of 250) *Decibel & Best Life Exclusive*
• Canary Yellow (out of 250) *Revelation Exclusive*
• Bone / Swamp green / Red 3 Color A side B Side (out of 500) *BBB #2*
• Swamp Green w/Neon Yellow Splatter (out of 500) *Tank Crimes #2*
• Cloudy Red (out of 1000) *General Retail*

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